Congratulations to Yorkshire for Le Tour

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From: Margaret Cheetham, The Ridings, Cliftonville, Kent.

HAVING been followers of Le Tour in Paris, South of France, London and our home county of Kent, we have to congratulate everyone in Yorkshire for their organisation of this years’ Grand Départ.

Looking back on our visit to the county, we would compare the crowds, colour, excitement, organisation and experience to rival that of Paris, and they have had over 100 years of practice!

Special thanks should be given to Councillor Sonja Crisp of York Council for her help and advice when we needed it: Credit where it’s due.

Let’s hope more counties in the UK see the benefits of bidding for inclusion; if the French can do it, we certainly can.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

YOUR regular letter writer Brian Sheridan very predictably bemoans the ITV coverage of the Tour de France.

Would he have done any better as a commentator? I doubt it.

If he actually thought about the issue, he would actually praise ITV for having the foresight to show the opening three stages of the Tour in full on television and compare this enlightened decision to the BBC’s decision to ignore a great sporting event.