Conservative MP blames job pressures for ending 17-year marriage

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A YORKSHIRE MP has revealed he is to separate from his wife, blaming the pressures of the job.

Tory Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, has written to party colleagues informing them of the separation.

He has been married to his wife Debbie for nearly 17 years.

The couple, who met at university, have two sons and live in Baildon.

In his letter Mr Davies, 39, said: “I am writing to let you know that Debbie and I have sadly separated.

“The somewhat unique nature and pressures of the role of an MP lead to long periods of time spent apart and during that time it has become increasingly clear that Debbie and I have simply grown apart.

“As such there is nobody to blame for this separation which has come about over a period of time. However, we have separated on extremely good terms and there is no reason at all why that should not always be the case.

“Debbie will continue to work for me doing the excellent job she does in organising my diary, surgeries and dealing with casework for constituents.

“We will both continue to support the Conservative Party locally and will both attend constituency events whenever it is practical for us both to do so and I can assure this will not affect the dedication we both give to serving the people of the Shipley constituency.

“Obviously the top priority for Debbie and me at this difficult time is ensuring that our separation does not have a negative impact on Oliver and Charlie and we will continue to work closely as parents to always ensure that we do our very best for them,” the letter went on.

“I am sorry to be writing to you in such sad circumstances but thought it was best for everyone that you should know.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the loyal support and kindness you have always shown to both Debbie and me and for your understanding at this difficult time.”

Mr Davies is the son of Peter Davies, who was elected Mayor of Doncaster in 2009.