Conservatives are pursuing a “Brexit for the few” - Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail.
Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail.
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JEREMY CORBYN will claim Theresa May is pursuing a “Brexit for the few” on Saturday.

The Labour leader will argue the Conservatives are seeking to drive down wages and working conditions and hand tax cuts to business giants.

Mr Corbyn will say: “This general election, more than any I have previously fought, will define our times.

“Make no mistake, a Brexit for the few is now brewing.

“One where any money saved is handed out as tax cuts to the super-rich and their corporations.

“Where new trade deals with the US and elsewhere are used to drive down our working conditions, and environmental and food standards.”

Mr Corbyn will paint the Conservatives as the party in the pocket of big business.

He will say: “Do you think personal prospects of the Conservatives’ friends and backers will suffer following the kind of Brexit they want to see?

“Do you think their lives will get harder as wages slide and jobs become even less secure?

“Unlikely, I think you’ll agree. And that’s because the Conservatives’ backers can afford to opt out when things go wrong. They’ve been doing it for decades.

“In truth, they always have a get out of jail free card while this government is at the controls.”

The Labour leader will also appeal to young voters to register so they can take part in the election on June 8.

“Over 2.4 million young people are missing from the UK’s electoral register. Barely 40 per cent of 18 to 24-year olds turn out to vote.

“The Conservatives are more than happy with this state of affairs.

“Apathy and resignation will secure them seats on election day,” he will say.

Mr Corbyn will appeal to voters: “Don’t let the Conservatives hold you back.

“Don’t let the Conservatives hold Britain back.”