Consumerism runs wild

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From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

WHILE nodding sagely at Neil McNicholas’s comments on customer care (Yorkshire Post, December 16), I recall my own trawlings for “bargains”.

Over the years, these have provided much amusement to family and friends; but the exploding light bulbs convinced us all that reason must come first.

In Father Neil’s reference to “pesky customers getting in the way of running their business,” he has hit the nail on the head.

We are increasingly viewed by remote “thems” as “consumers” – humanoid hoovers, endlessly being pushed around sucking up stuff, much of which, if we’re honest, we neither need nor want. The attic, charity shop or tip are the final, pointless beneficiaries.

Is there no better way and, if so, what is it?

Fair play to BA

From: Dai Woosnam, Woodrow Park, Scartho, Grimsby.

SO British Airways refuses the England squad an exclusive flight to Brazil. What’s unfair in that?

In the unlikely event of Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales having qualified, do you think they’d have offered them one?

And let’s have less of this talk of it being incumbent upon BA as they are the “national flag carrier”, for BA fly the Union Jack, whereas England flies the flag of St George.

Unhealthy NHS

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE Government is always boasting that it is putting more cash into the NHS than the previous administration. Then why, I ask, do we have so many cancelled appointments and operations?

While we in Driffield are pretty fortunate in getting to see our doctor, we hear of people having to wait days, and even weeks, to get a GP’s appointment and that is why so many unjustly use A&E for non-urgent illnesses (Linda Riordan, Yorkshire Post, December 17).