Contractors repair district potholes

Fiona Evans

Contractors have been drafted in to repair potholes across the Bradford district.

DCT and P Summers, both local contractors, have been appointed to start repairs on roads damaged by the recent weather conditions.

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The move follows the announcement that Bradford Council was to spend an extra 300,000 from its reserves on road repairs. Bradford Council leader Councillor Kris Hopkins said: “The severe weather conditions over the last couple of months have left a higher than usual number of potholes on the district’s roads. Because this is an extreme situation, we have had to take urgent steps to resolve it.

“We have recruited contractors to ensure this work is done as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Snow and ice has caused damage by moisture penetrating layers in the roads’ construction, expanding when it freezes and lifting the top layer.

The contractors’ programme of repairs will be followed by further maintenance schemes.

Highways engineers have carried out a survey to find the worst deteriorated areas, so these can be prioritised. Around 200 defects have been found.