Corbyn demands “full account” of Cameron’s financial dealings

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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JEREMY CORBYN tonight claimed the Prime Minister had “lost the trust of the British people” over the disclosure of his financial affairs.

The Labour leader called on David Cameron to make a statement to Parliament next week and give a “full account” of his financial dealings.

Mr Corbyn’s claim that the Prime Minister had “misled” the public came at the end of another torrid day for Mr Cameron which also saw him reported to the parliamentary standards commissioner.

However, any immediate threat to his position looked to have receded as Conservative backbenchers, including critics on other issues, offered their support.

Mr Corbyn said: “It is now clear that the Prime Minister has misled the public about his personal involvement in offshore tax avoidance schemes. It took five weasel-worded statements in five days for the Prime Minister to admit that he has personally profited from an undeclared Caribbean tax haven investment deal.

“After years of calling for tax transparency and attacking complex offshore tax arrangements as “morally wrong”, the Prime Minister has been shown to have personally benefited from exactly such a secretive offshore investment.

“His determination to conceal that arrangement over many years raises serious questions over public trust in his office and his willingness to be straight with the public.”

He added: “The Prime Minister has lost the trust of the British people. He must now give a full account of all his private financial dealings and make a statement to Parliament next week. Only complete openness from the Prime Minister, and decisive action against tax avoidance and evasion, can now deal with the issues at the heart of this scandal.”