Coroner’s concern for air ambulance funds

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LADY Justice Hallet voiced particular concerns over the London Air Ambulance which does not receive full public funding and relies on volunteer doctors.

She noted that it was only by chance the helicopter emergency medical service had 27 physicians and paramedics at its disposal on the day of the attacks, when normally it would only have one team available.

She called for London mayor Boris Johnson, and other relevant bodies to look its funding and capabilities.

“I am concerned that London, a major global capital, host to the to the Olympics in 2012 and a prime terrorist target, should find itself dependent upon corporate funding and charitable donations, and upon professional volunteers giving up their limited free time in order to provide life-saving emergency medical care,” she said. “It is equally concerning that the capability to provide such care is limited.”

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone who was mayor at the time of the attacks, described the bombings as “a criminal act on a horrific scale” and added: “The coroner’s verdict includes a clear and welcome set of recommendations that the relevant agencies must now consider.”

His successor Boris Johnson, his said: “We will look carefully at her recommendations and I would like to reassure all Londoners and visitors to our great capital that much has changed in our emergency protocols, procedures and equipment since that day.”