Costly wind power will lead to winter death toll

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From: Neil Craig, Woodlands Road, Glasgow.

ENERGY Choice has calculated that by 2016 the average household’s electricity bill will have risen to £2,000 and 55 per cent of us will have to do without heating entirely.

The death toll this will inevitably cause will far exceed the current 25,000 excess winter deaths.

This is entirely the fault of our politicians who are preventing the development of shale gas and nuclear power and will use any lie to promote windmill subsidies.

For example, the Government-funded Scottish Renewables has repeatedly publicly claimed that “more than one third” of our electricity comes from windmillery when in fact, despite over a decade of massive and increasing subsidy, it is no more than 12 per cent.

None of this need happen. At least 93 per cent of the current £1,252 average bill is government parasitism.

Electricity bills could be reduced to around £100 a year, over time, by simply allowing the mass production of nuclear reactors with a level regulatory field for their use.

Allowing the development of shale gas could do nearly as much, since US gas prices are already one sixth of our rising ones and falling.

Within days of starting an emergency development programme we would see the necessary business confidence that Britain was a sensible place to invest, bringing us out of recession.