Could fiery end be in sight for The Archers?

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From: Mrs N.J. Strachan, Leaventhorpe Lane, Thornton, Bradford.

FOR once, I agree with David Blunkett. I, too, am beginning to despair over The Archers 
(The Yorkshire Post, November 11).

When EastEnders producer Sean O’Connor took over he promised faithfully that he would not introduce ‘TV soap’ type story-lines, a promise he has not kept.

He started with a stupid story as an excuse to get rid of, and replace the actor who played Tom Archer, for no good reason; now, with the threat of the new road and Ruth, David and family, together with Jill, all planning to leave the district I suspect ~
the BBC actually intends 
to end the programme altogether.

Perhaps Mr O’Connor 
plans an Emmerdale-
type disaster with a plane 
crash wiping out the 

If he wants a sensational
 story, I suggest Justin Elliott takes the board of Borchester Land on a trip to Africa 
and they all contract Ebola; 
with his influence gone 
the council decide that they cannot afford the new road after all and things can get back to normal.

Can we then, please, get rid of Sean O’Connor and get someone sensible in charge?