Council buys 50 iPads in ‘cost-cutting move’

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A CASH-STRAPPED North Yorkshire Council has decided to equip all of its members with new state-of-the-art iPads.

In what it claims is a cost-cutting move alongside halting the use of all paper council agendas, Scarborough Borough Council is proposing to supply all 50 of its councillors with the devices.

The latest version of iPad can cost up to £400.

A report which was prepared by Ian Anderson, the council’s head of legal and support services, to be debated on January 17, claims that the move will save around £10,000 a year.

Mr Anderson said: “The council is always looking at providing efficient methods of communications with its elected members and the introduction of tablet devices is the next phase of development in doing this.

“The provision of this equipment will radically cut down on the production of paper agendas, which includes printing and postage costs and will provide a much more efficient way for councillors to work.”

In recent years, laptop computers have been made available to all Scarborough Borough councillors to provide access to electronic forms of communication.

Currently, agendas for council meetings are produced in paper format and posted to councillors.

The introduction of these devices will give all councillors electronic access to this documentation instead.

A council spokesman said that it is anticipated that moving to tablet devices will “bridge the gap” between paper and computers.