Council to invite online petitions

COUNCIL leaders in Sheffield have introduced a scheme to let people in the city create petitions online.

The "e-petitions" initiative aims to make the Town Hall "more open and transparent".

Petitions created electronically can relate to any issue on which Sheffield Council has powers or duties – such as transport, education or waste collection, officials said.

People will still, however, be able to register petitions through traditional routes such as by handing them in personally at council meetings.

Council leader Paul Scriven said: "We believe that local people know what's best for their area.

"That's why Liberal Democrats have been keen to implement the e-petitions scheme which makes it easier than ever to get involved and point out what the council should be doing.

"Hopefully this will also encourage more local people to have a say in influencing big decisions.

"This is the people's council and it's local people themselves who should be able to set the agenda and demand action on their local priorities. This is about making the council more open, transparent and easy to access."