Council leader wins candidature appeal

Yorkshire's longest serving council leader, Stephen Parnaby, has won the right to fight next year's election for his party following an appeal.

Coun Parnaby and seven other Tory East Riding councillors successfully challenged a decision to exclude them from the list of candidates after appealing to their local party executive committees.

Coun Parnaby said he and his colleagues intended to put what had been a "very difficult period" behind them, adding: "All of us concerns as to how this process has been handled but are delighted to have the confidence of our local parties to whom we are very grateful."

The reinstatement leaves Coun Parnaby, who heads an authority where there is minimal opposition, in an even stronger position and weakens those within his own group who opposed him over issues, including the controversial "golden goodbye" given to departing council director Sue Lockwood.

Andrew Allison from the Hull and East Riding Taxpayers' Alliance criticised what he called a "farcical" process, with the appeal handled by the constituencies, rather than outsiders. He said: "The whole point of this panel was that it took the decision out of the hands of vested interests, but the appeal process just put it straight back."

Others to have had their appeals upheld include the council's deputy leader Jonathan Owen and cabinet members Jane Evison and Andy Burton