Council set to raid reserves to pay for costs of diesel spill

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A WEST Yorkshire Council could face legal action following a diesel spill at a depot left land and a waterway polluted.

Bradford councillors will next week be told the diesel spill, from an underground tank at the Shearbridge Road depot, near the city’s university, that has already incurred costs thought to be nearly £250,000.

The bill includes the cost of the clean-up after the spill from the ruptured tank and work to reline other tanks at the depot to prevent further similar incidents.

Members of the council’s executive committee will meet on Tuesday to discuss the incident, which happened in April.

Officers have suggested the money is taken from council reserves.

A report says: “In spite of the fact that the council acted quickly to deal with the impact of this incident, the Environment Agency is still investigating this matter as a serious pollution incident and there is the possibility that the council may still be prosecuted.”

The Environment Agency said: “It is thought that 5,500 litres of diesel was spilled from the underground storage tank.

“Some of that did go into Westbrook Beck but it is believed that the spill had a minimal impact on the watercourse.”

Ian Bairstow, Bradford Council’s strategic director for environment and sport, said: “As soon as the fuel spillage was discovered, Bradford Council staff acted urgently to deal with the effect of the incident and to keep pollution risks to a minimum.”

“As the matter is still under investigation, we cannot comment further about the fuel spillage at Shearbridge depot.”