Council to close its cash tax offices

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Bradford Council is to close its five cash offices in a move which will save it £147,000 per year.

Consultation is underway with staff and trade unions ahead of 
the closures, which the local authority says is to extend the number of locations where residents can pay.

People who wish to pay their council tax by cash will now be able to do so at their local post office or any of the 250 local shops that run the PayPoint scheme.

Martin Stubbs, Bradford Council’s assistant director for the Revenues and Benefits Service, said: “For many years the only option for those wishing to pay their council tax by cash was to go to a very limited number of cash offices. This new way to pay has greatly extended the number of places that people can pay. Also because there are over 250 outlets spread across the district the vast majority of residents will live within easy reach.”

The offices are based in Bradford, Keighley, Shipley, Bingley and Ilkley.

Residents can already use the PayPoint scheme to pay other bills such as gas, electricity and mobile phones.

There are 24,000 PayPoint terminals across the country.