Council unveils plans to build 600 new homes

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PLANS to build 600 homes have been announced by a Yorkshire council which is looking to offset the loss of housing resulting from the Right to Buy scheme.

Sheffield City Council aims to build the homes over the next six years to help meet the demand for affordable housing.

The authority said it intends to make full use of its Housing Revenue Account to deliver the maximum number of new council houses it can under current borrowing rules.

The move comes just days after Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said the Government would make it easier for council tenants to buy their homes by increasing the maximum discount from 60 per cent to 70 per cent.

Councillor Harry Harpham, the authority’s cabinet member for homes and regeneration, said: “It’s great to be able to announce that we will be adding around 600 homes to the council’s housing stock. This will not only provide us with a wider range of properties to accommodate local people, but this important development programme will also give a boost to the local economy, as jobs will be created.”

The council is also launching a planned replacement programme of kitchens, bathrooms, double glazing and door renewal in homes that have not had this work carried out over the last 10 years. This includes a commitment to tackle properties that were not improved under the Decent Homes programme by 2017.