Councillor ‘unhappy’ over road controversy findings

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A COUNCILLOR has been accused of a “serious lack of judgment” after having a stretch of road leading to his house resurfaced free of charge.

Tory councillor Charles Bayram was reported to a standards committee at East Riding Council after a firm of contractors, working for the authority, relaid a 40-metre stretch of road leading to his North Cave farm.

The incident happened just weeks after another row after a road leading to the home of Conservative MP Graham Stuart was laid with left-over asphalt. He insisted he had done nothing wrong when a different firm of contractors resurfaced the road at the request of his wife Anne, but after complaints it was dug up.

An investigation has now concluded Councillor Bayram had not technically breached the councillors’ code of conduct as he was acting in a private capacity, but said “the council and office of councillor has still been brought into disrepute and the council’s reputation has been damaged”.

It said Coun Bayram “accepts that the council has been brought into disrepute, but considers this is not because of his actions but because of the adverse media coverage and the way the council responded to it”.

Coun Bayram declined to comment ahead of a standards committee meeting on Tuesday, which will decide whether to accept the conclusions. It is understood he wants a fresh report and has questioned the independence of the inquiry, which was carried out by a former council officer.

Labour councillor Keith Moore said: “Each individual action a councillor makes reflects on other councillors and things like this reflect on every councillor and I presume raises questions in the public’s mind about what councillors get up to. He ought to have known better.”