Councillors ‘vindicated’ after winning appeal against deselection

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TWO councillors who complained that senior Conservatives sent damaging e-mails about them have won their appeals against de-selection.

Cottingham councillors Geraldine Mathieson and Lena Slater can now be considered as candidates in the next election under the Tory banner.

However Coun Mathieson said she would not rejoin the Conservative benches at East Riding Council until an investigation into e-mails sent to an approval panel, which voted them off, was completed.

The e-mails sent by Tory Group Secretary Felicity Temple made a number of claims, including that Coun Mathieson had “destructive allegiances” with campaigners in Bridlington.

The councillors complained that the e-mails were riddled with errors and were a blatant attempt to influence the selection process.

Coun Mathieson said she felt vindicated: “Not being selected was symptomatic of a bigger problem and that still needs sorting out. I won’t be sitting in the group with people who are being investigated as having acted against me. We had a very fair appeal hearing and they told us a mistake had been made because they didn’t know what the process was.”

Coun Slater, who is currently not attached to the Conservative group, said: “I am delighted my name has been cleared. Even though I have had a lot of support it was a difficult time.”