Council’s extra time to keep care homes open

A LAST minute reprieve could keep elderly people in their old people’s homes in Doncaster after the council agreed to look for a private firm to take them over.

Albert Lemasurier of Doncaster hands over a petition protesting at the closure of care homes.

Doncaster Council’s cabinet yesterday agreed to proposals in a council report to close its seven care homes in a bid to save £1.9m - but pledged to spend three months trying to find an alternative provider to take them on in a bid to keep the residents in their homes.

If the closures go ahead, help will be given to people to find alternative accommodation and no one will be asked to pay more than they currently do.

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The cabinet also agreed proposals to modernise its day centre provision for older people and adults with learning disabilities, which it says will increase the provision currently available and widen the use of centres to more people.

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones said: “We have just approved a modernisation agenda in respect of our care homes and day centres, which will help to ensure we meet the care needs of some of our most vulnerable residents both now and in the future. We have listened to the concerns people have raised and we have amended the proposals to try and address those concerns.”

There are 132 elderly people in the council-run homes, and more than 300 staff face redundancy if they close. 20,000 people signed a petition against the plan.