Country’s values eroded by poor governments

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From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

HARRIS Beider’s comments (Yorkshire Post, November 29) were excellent and portrayed how most of us white working-class people really do feel – badly let down by successive governments.

Most of us – my age group in particular who have known better times – realised many years ago that our country’s values were being eroded by poor government to the point that this Government no longer understands the very people it has been elected to govern.

Apart from a few uninformed and bigoted minority groups, most of us do not feel racial animosity to immigrants or those from different faiths.

However, over the years, the perception is that priority in grants, benefits and housing has always been given to those groups.

The term multi-culturalism sounds fine coming from Home Office spin merchants who embroider it with terms such as “bringing a rich diversity” and “cultural interaction” and so on.

However, when we see towns becoming more like foreign countries and electing their own representatives who push for grants to allow their own cultures to expand and embrace even more of their countrymen, one has to wonder why this has been allowed to happen, virtually creating a “them and us” feeling.

Unfortunately with the inflow of EU residents and others we have seen the gradual loss of what being British is all about – that is to say we have lost core values such as shame, politeness, decency, and sadly our moral code too with Christianity being pushed to the rear in case it offends those of a different culture.

Well, what about our culture I ask – a decent culture that made us the envy of the world in times past?