Couple who jumped in front of train together at Yorkshire station had been on three week heroin '˜bender'

A tragic couple who wanted to be "together forever" hugged each other as they jumped in front of a train at a Yorkshire railway station, an inquest has heard.

Melissa Wood and Christopher Linley died after jumping in front of a train together at Doncaster station.
Melissa Wood and Christopher Linley died after jumping in front of a train together at Doncaster station.

Melissa Wood, 27, and Christopher Linley, 34, committed joint suicide at Doncaster railway station after struggling to cope with the "difficulties of life" – and the court was told how the pair had been on a three week heroin ‘bender’ leading up to the tragedy.

CCTV footage showed the pair holding hands and hugging in the hours and minutes before their deaths.

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Then, as a train approached at 25mph, they embraced, walked towards the edge of the platform and jumped on to the tracks.

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They apologised to their loved ones and said that they wanted to be "together forever".

Doncaster Coroners Court today heard how Christopher and Melissa both struggled with heroin addiction.

Housemates of the couple told police they had been on a "huge bender" lasting three weeks prior to their deaths.

Toxicology reports found evidence of the class A drug as well as cocaine in their systems.

Coroner Nicola Mundy recorded a verdict of suicide at Doncaster Coroners Court in relation to the incident, which occurred on March 27 this year.

She said: "They made the decision that they wanted to be together and they wanted to remain together.

"They appeared to be happy and comfortable in each other's company."

The court heard emotional statements from both victim's mothers.

Melissa's mum Lisa Wood said: "I never suspected Melissa would commit suicide, she was always happy, bubbly and never stopped laughing.

Frances Glynn, Christopher's mum, said: "I'm shocked by what's happened.

"All I had ever hoped was that he would make a success of himself, he had so much potential.

"He was a lovable rogue.

Christopher and Melissa met while working at British Gas a couple of years ago but found themselves jobless in the months prior to their deaths.

Last year they were evicted from their rented flat and ended up in a room in a shared house.

Clinical psychologist Dr Abhi Salvaji, who dealt with Christopher and Melissa, said they both tried hard to beat their addictions.

She said: "It seemed like a positive relationship" and that "they appeared to be happy".

However, she predicted that in the weeks leading to their deaths they had been taking heroin on a daily basis.