Crackdown on waiting in taxi ranks

ENFORCEMENT officers are set to begin a crackdown on unauthorised vehicles being parked at taxi ranks in Rotherham.

A spokesman for the authority said it is hoped that the patrols will encourage “proper use of the taxi ranks, so helping to keep the town centre roads clear for the free movement of traffic”.

Coun Rose McNeely said: “Drivers bringing cars into the town centre should always ensure they park legally, including later in the evenings.

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“They should take note of signage because all parking restrictions are marked on the road or on roadside signs.

“Currently, we are experiencing difficulties caused by unauthorised vehicles being parked in taxi ranks and other prohibited areas.

“If vehicles are observed parked in a taxi rank with no driver present, it is highly likely that penalty charge notices will be issued.”

Taxi ranks in Rotherham are only available for cabs to wait in.