43 police attacked, assaulted and spat at in West Yorkshire in run up to Christmas, shocking figures reveal

A total of 43 police officers have been attacked, spat at, punched and kicked in the past week, figures from the West Yorkshire Police Federation have revealed today.

This is how attacks on police have totted up in West Yorkshire in the seven days between December 12 and 18:

Punched 14

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Kicked 8

Police in West Yorkshire were attacked multiple times in a week

Spat at 5

Bitten 3

Heatbutted 1

Grappled/Bodily Force 12

-> Concerned woman calls police 'because carol singers were from Leeds'Craig Grandison, Vice Chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said: "What with Mad Friday as well as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve there's sadly a real risk of these numbers rocketing.

"We saw some horrendous assaults on West Yorkshire Police officers at this time last year. Our colleagues working hard over the Christmas and New Year period missing time with their loved ones do not deserve to be attacked like this.

"It's important that those committing these crimes are given the stiffest possible sentences.

"We would also urge all West Yorkshire Police colleagues to properly record when they are assaulted so we can have a true picture of the attacks. And to look after themselves and each other."