78-year-old Yorkshire man sentenced to three years in prison for shooting six-year-old great grandson dead

A 78-year-old from Yorkshire has been sentenced to three years in prison for shooting his six-year-old great grandson dead.

Stanley Metcalf
Stanley Metcalf

78-year-old Albert Grannon from Church Lane in Sproatley in East Yorkshire has today been sentenced to 3 years in prison for the manslaughter of 6-year-old Stanley Metcalf on 26 July 2018.

Mr Grannon, who is the great grandfather of Stanley, was also sentenced today at Sheffield Crown Court for possession of a section one firearm without a certificate. For that he received a 4 month sentence which will run concurrently.

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Stanley Metcalf

That means Albert Grannon will serve a total of three years in jail for his actions.

He had previously pleaded guilty to both offences in June.

The gun he had in his possession, a 22 calibre Stoeger X20 air rifle with a telescopic sight had been upgraded and modified before the incident. Mr Grannon hadn't applied for the correct certificate to own the weapon.

Stanley was shot in the kitchen of his grandparent's home on 26 July 2018 while visiting his grandparents home for a family occasion and tragically died later in hospital.

Stanley Metcalf's funeral service

Amongst a number of emotional statements read out in court today, Stanley Metcalf's mother Jennifer Dees said: "I cannot describe the pain of living every day without Stanley. The disbelief that he is not with us anymore is unbearable.

"We struggle to live, talk, eat and even breathe. It is so very hard to understand we are never going to see him again. Nothing will ever make this better and my heart is totally broken.

"I hope my Grandad can live with himself and the pain he has caused us, because living without Stanley and the massive hole it has left with all the unbearable pain, our life will never ever be the same again and has changed for ever.

"There are no winners in all of this but there are losers, and the biggest loser of all is my son, Stanley Andrew Metcalf.”

Andrew Metcalf who is Stanley's father said: "I was the happiest dad in the world. I had two beautiful children. I told Stanley every day I loved him and he was my best friend and without fail every single time he said exactly the same back to me.

"Even when he was playing out I’d hear him run past the house if I was in the garden he’d shout over the fence "I love you dad". Even when he was asleep at night I’d give him a kiss and tell him again, sometimes he’d reply but every time he’d nod his head.

"On the 26th of July this little world came crashing down. Stanley, my son and best friend had his life taken away."

Detective Inspector Rebecca Dickinson from Humberside Police's Major Crime team said: "This is a terrible and tragic event that took the life of an innocent little boy, who had his whole life ahead of him.

"Throughout the investigation Jenny and Andy have shown incredible strength and courage, not only supporting the investigation, but in how they have managed to get through each day. My thoughts are with them.

"The trauma of this tragedy is felt by all who knew and loved Stanley, made even more upsetting in that it was a family member who was responsible for Stanley’s death.

"Albert Grannon has to live with the consequences of his actions, not only being responsible for the death of Stanley, but for dividing a family which were once a very strong family unit.

"This has been an extremely emotional and difficult investigation for all officers and medical staff at Hull Royal Infirmary who have been involved, from those who were there on the night last July all the way through to today in court.

"I want to thank and commend them for their professionalism during a difficult and emotional investigation."