Ambulance rage man sent to jail

A MAN has been jailed for four months for threatening paramedics who locked themselves in their ambulance fearing they were going to be attacked.

Leeds Crown Court heard yesterday Andrew Hutchinson had chased another man up to their vehicle shouting he was going to kill him.

When the man begged the driver and the other paramedic for help an enraged Hutchinson turned his attention to them banging on the window of the vehicle shouting they were protecting “a smackhead”.

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Simon Batiste, prosecuting, said fortunately a woman then calmed him down. When police arrested him he told them the man he was after had been squatting in a flat above his taking drugs.

Hutchinson, 36, of Broadlea Street, Bramley admitted affray.

James Littlehales representing him said he had argued with the squatter over his drug activities and regretted taking his temper out on the ambulance staff.

Hutchinson’s employer pleaded he not be jailed as a “vital employee” but Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said such behaviour to ambulance workers could not be tolerated.