Baby falls into lake in Roundhay Park Leeds after pushchair rolled into water

Police rescued a baby which fell into the lake in Roundhay Park in Leeds after an incident which happened when a family were feeding the ducks.

Roundhay Park in Leeds

PCSO's responded to a report on Thursday that a baby had fallen into the lake at Roundhay Park.

They were feeding the ducks at the popular point, close to the Lakeside Cafe.

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The baby was placed in the pushchair, which did not have the brake fully applied. This then caused the pushchair to move and fall in, with the baby.

A passing member of the public assisted, and the baby was quickly rescued and taken to the cafe, where they helped care for both parties, until the paramedics arrived.

All were taken to the Leeds General Infirmary, where they made a full recovery.

Police warned the public to be careful when feeding the ducks and make sure that pushchairs always have brakes properly applied.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Please be careful. It is imperative to make sure that when feeding the ducks with pushchairs, that the brake is properly applied."