'˜Bedridden' Rotherham grooming kingpin planned fertility treatment with wife

THE ringleader of a grooming gang who systematically raped and abused teenage girls in Rotherham had been planning fertility treatment with his wife.

Arshid Hussain

A judge made reference to Arshid Hussain’s family planning in a ruling made during his trial at Sheffield Crown Court, which has now been released.

Hussain, 40, has been found guilty of a range of charges including rape and procuring prostitutes relating to how he groomed girls in the South Yorkshire town before subjecting them to years of abuse.

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During the case, his lawyers asked Judge Sarah Wright to rule that he was unfit to stand trial due to his disability.

Hussain was shot in the abdomen in 2005 and his defence counsel have claimed he is paraplegic and bed-bound.

Judge Wright rejected the application.

During her ruling in December, she said: “I note also that Dr Quinn ascertained that the accused and his wife had made initial inquiries about fertility treatment. He is clearly therefore well enough to contemplate the prospect of family life with a baby.”

The judge later rejected the application, saying: “With a number of measures in place, I am entirely satisfied that he can actively and effectively participate in this trial.”

Hussain only made one appearance in court for his trial and was allowed to follow the two-month long proceedings via a video-link from his bed at home.

After he was found guilty, Judge Wright revealed that Hussain’s wife phoned paramedics as the verdicts were being delivered and he was taken to hospital accompanied by police.

He was later taken to prison.

The jury in Arshid’s trial heard that he fathered children with girls he abused and forced some girls to have terminations.

It was also claimed in court that he had children with seven women across the UK.