Bikes worth £47,000 stolen in the space of a month, Humberside Police warn

MORE THAN 150 bicycles worth close to £50,000 in total have been stolen from the Humberside policing area in the last month.

Humberside Police warned that in many cases the cycles were stolen after being left unlocked and on display in gardens, taken by thieves after being secured with very cheap locks or targeted by shed burglary.

In June this year, 157 cycles were reported stolen with a combined estimated value of £47,095.

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Chief Inspector Iain Dixon said: “Cycle theft is too high in Humberside at present and I have tasked community policing staff across the force to do work in their neighbourhoods to raise awareness in cycle security highlighting insecure cycles.

“Far too often I read crime reports were bikes have been left outside shops or left in gardens overnight, before being stolen by opportunist thieves. This can leave those owners devastated as it is their main transport for work and are left in a position where they can’t afford a new one.

“To tackle this issue I would urge cycle owners to invest in a good quality lock and using it even if the cycle is left unattended for a minute, storing cycles out of view if possible and spending 5 minutes to register onto and uploading their bike.”

On Saturday alone five cycles were report stolen after being left unlocked.