Bogus Post Office worker strikes again in East Yorkshire as 89-year-old man targeted

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A fraudster posing as a Post Office worker tried to steal £200 from an 89-year-old man after tricking him into handing over a bank card.

Humberside Police warned on Monday that a man pretending to be a postal worker had visited victims' homes claiming to have a package for which an excess charge was owed.

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The man went on to say that the charge could not be paid in cash, before leaving with the victims' bank cards and withdrawing hundreds of pounds from their bank accounts.

A police spokesman today said: "Following our recent appeals to find a man posing as a Post Office worker who has allegedly been conning elderly and vulnerable residents in East Yorkshire, we’ve now received another report of another similar incident in Willerby.

"This is the third incident reported to us whereby a man posing as a postal worker claimed there was an excess charge for a package, took a bank card from the victim to pay for it, then walked away with the card.

"Attempts were made to withdraw money with the cards from nearby cash machines."

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The latest incident happened yesterday when an 89-year-old man was approached at his home in Ashgate Road, Willerby, at around noon.

The victim handed over his card to a man claiming to work for the Post Office and an attempt to withdraw £200 was later made at a cash machine.

Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to call police on 101, quoting crime reference 16/78364/18 (Beverley), 16/84320/18 and 16/86252/18 (Willerby).