Bradford mother Samira Lupidi admits killing her children but denies murder

Samira Lupidi. Pic by Ross Parry
Samira Lupidi. Pic by Ross Parry

A mother from Yorkshire has admitted killing her two young children on the grounds of diminished responsibility but pleaded not guilty to their murder, a court heard today.

Samira Lupidi could now be moved from prison where she has been held in custody to a secure hospital unit following a hearing at Bradford Crown Court.

Samira Lupidi, aged 24 with one-year-old Jasmine Weaver (left) and three-year-old Evelyn Lupidi (right). Ross Parry pic.

Samira Lupidi, aged 24 with one-year-old Jasmine Weaver (left) and three-year-old Evelyn Lupidi (right). Ross Parry pic.

Speaking in English, the tearful 24-year-old Italian formally entered not guilty pleas to the murder charges relating to her daughters Evelyn, aged three, and one-year-old Jasmine, who were found with multiple stab wounds at an address in Bradford last November.

Lupidi had been expected to appear in person before a judge at Bradford Crown Court, but for reasons not disclosed she took part in the 25-minute hearing via a video link to New Hall Prison where she has been remanded in custody for the last three months.

The defendant was assisted by an Italian interpreter during the rest of the proceedings which included discussions between the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas, and counsel about the case’s progress.

Prosecutor Stephen Wood said the case appeared to turn on medical evidence and he revealed that in a defence statement Lupidi admitted she was responsible for the killing of each child.

Mr Wood said the statement raised the potential of “diminished responsibility” and he told the judge that there had been an lot of co-operation between the defence and the prosecution.

Lupidi has already been seen by a defence psychiatrist and it is expected that reports on the defendant will be ready for the next hearing which is due to take place on April 13.

Judge Thomas said the psychiatrist who had seen Lupidi appeared to be suggesting that the medical authorities should be considering whether she should be transferred from New Hall Prison to the regional secure unit at Newton Lodge.

The judge told Lupidi through the interpreter that her case was still moving towards a date in early May for a final resolution.

“You, of course, are presently being assessed by doctors and the opinion of those doctors will be very important in terms of how this case moves on,” he said. “Although the doctors have expressed some preliminary thoughts they have yet to put things in full final written form. They’ll do that now over the course of the next few weeks and the next heating therefore will be on April 13.

“Of course you must still be remanded in custody. You’re remanded to the prison at New Hall but you may, it depends on what the doctors are now saying, be moved to hospital yourself.

“That’s not something I can make any order about in this court. All it can do is keep the case progressing in this court and say the case is next here on April 13.”