Broken speed camera on Yorkshire road spent day flashing drivers BELOW the speed limit

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A broken speed camera spent the day flashing drivers who passed through it travelling at BELOW the speed limit.

In what is probably a worst nightmare scenario for drivers, the broken camera was flashing cars driving past it at below the speed limit on the 40mph road, according to reports from drivers.

A broken speed camera flashed drivers in Leeds

A broken speed camera flashed drivers in Leeds

That tell-tale camera flash has given many a driver cause to fret, but for drivers on York Road in Killingbeck, Leeds, there were a lot of nerves until police put the record straight.

The camera malfunctioned and drivers contacted the Yorkshire Post to tell us that they had been flashed by the camera even when travelling below the speed limit.

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A concerned motorist got in touch to say: "There is a bit of worry about it. It's a busy stretch of road (as is all of York Road) so it's a wonder as to how many people have been flashed by it.

"There must be thousands of cars driving along there on a daily basis. People are asking if they will get a letter/fine that they then have the annoyance of appealing?

"Although you know you haven't exceeded the 40mph limit, if you see a flash you automatically start questioning yourself!"

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police has confirmed that the camera had malfunctioned.

The camera is not currently being enforced, say police, meaning that those flashed by the broken camera will not get a ticket for travelling lower than 40mph through the camera, even if they see a flash.

It has now been fixed.

Paul Jeffrey, Police Partnership Manager for Casualty Reduction, said: “The issue with the camera flashing indiscriminately has now been rectified and drivers are advised to adhere to the speed limit, as they should always do on all parts of the road network for their safety and the safety of others.

West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership remains firmly committed to reducing the number of incidents resulting in deaths and injuries on the county’s roads in which excessive speed can be a significant factor.”

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