Burglar who targeted 93-year-old man is jailed after being caught by DNA from glove he left at the scene

A burglar was caught out after he dropped a glove running from the home of his 93-year-old victim.

Michael Andrew Hester targeted the elderly man at his home in York.

A court heard how the 93-year-old confronted the burglar after waking to the noise of banging and went downstairs in his stairlift to find 46-year-old Hester stood in his kitchen.

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The victim bravely tapped Hester on the shoulder, to which he ran off, dropping a ladies' glove at the scene.

Michael Andrew Hester was jailed after DNA on a glove he left at the scene of a burglary helped detectives track him down

Investigators at North Yorkshire Police were later able to sample DNA from the inside of the glove to identify Hester.

York Crown Court heard how Hester's mobile phone signal was also found to have bounced off masts close to the victim's home on the night of the burglary on September 10, 2017.

Detectives also found pictures on his phone taken at a hotel just ten minutes from the address the same evening.

Hester, of Thanet Rad, York, pleaded not guilty to the burglary but was found guilty and sentenced on Wednesday to two years and six months in jail.

Investigator Dave Pegg, one of the Burglary Coordinators for North Yorkshire Police said: “This was an appalling crime committed on an elderly man who was targeted for his vulnerability. Thankfully, Hester was foiled by a glove he left behind amongst other pieces of evidence linking him to the crime.

“Many people think the police just aren’t bothered about burglary but that is not the case and this case demonstrates the lengths we will go to identify offenders and bring them to justice. We are absolutely committed to investigating burglaries in North Yorkshire and arresting and charging those responsible.

“Another common belief is that even if you catch them the courts won’t do anything with burglars. I’m pleased to say that this is not the case and in my experience over the course of the last two years, this case included, lengthy prison sentences are regularly imposed on burglars as they should be.

“Finally, I want to praise the victim for his bravery. I know that he is extremely relieved and pleased, as am I, that Hester was caught and is now behind bars where he belongs.”