Burglars steal photos of tragic Otley brain tumour victim

A woman whose partner died suddenly of a brain tumour earlier this year has been left devastated after burglars stole hard drives containing pictures of the couple from her home.

Laura Hind and John Cowan

Primary school teacher Laura Hind has taken to Facebook in a bid to get her precious photos back after the burglary at her home in Otley over the weekend.

Miss Hind, 36, a teacher in Pool in Wharfedale, returned to her home on Sunday evening to find it had been broken into and ransacked.

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The stolen items were an HP laptop and a Toshiba laptop, a Nikon D60 digital camera and two hard drives.

Laura Hind, from Otley, is appealing for information about her stolen hard drives

The hard drives contain photographs of her and her partner of ten years John Cowan, who died on January 6 from a brain tumour.

Miss Hind said: “I came back on Sunday and I found my house had been broken into, it had been ransacked, they had gone through everything but the only things missing were my laptops, a camera and two hard drives.

“There are a few framed photos here and there in the house but with the number of photos you take these days, the majority are stored online.

“Over the last few months since John died, having the photographs provided an element of comfort, provided some shared memories. When they are taken away from you it is quite hard to deal with.

“I am not interested in the material value of anything, I would just like the hard drives back because there is sentimental content there.”

In a message posted on Facebook, she wrote: “My laptops and external hard drives containing precious photographs of me and my partner, John, who passed away in January, were stolen over the weekend.

“I don’t care about the computer, I just want the hard drives back! If anyone knows anything, finds a discarded red laptop bag or is buying second hand laptops, please, have a conscience!! ‪#‎bringmebackmyphotos‬”

Mr Cowan, 39, was diagnosed with a brain tumour a week before Christmas and died three weeks later on January 6.

Miss Hind said: “He had a few head aches, he went to the doctors and that was it, the diagnosis, it was already very far advanced.

“We have been together for almost ten years, on those hard drives were all the memories of our life together.”

Anyone with information about the stolen items should call West Yorkshire Police’s Outer North West Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.