Children ‘terrified’ as Sheffield school goes into lockdown

A Sheffield school went into lockdown after trespassers made their way onto the site.

Dean Jones, principal of Firth Park Academy, confirmed police were called to the school at around 12.25pm on Thursday after three men made their way onto the site and refused to leave.

Firth Park Academy.

Firth Park Academy.

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Deborah Lake, said her grandson, who is a pupil at Firth Park Academy, was ‘terrified’ when he arrived at her home yesterday.

Ms Lake said: “My grandson has come home from school absolutely terrified.”

Mr Jones said the school went into lockdown ‘in line with normal academy procedure’ and, contrary to rumours on social media, said nobody was armed.

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He said: “Everything was fine. There was nothing for parents to worry about. No-one was hurt.

“We had a couple of intruders who got within the school site. They weren’t armed but wouldn’t leave immediately which is why we went into lockdown.

“The police were on site and did take one person away.”

Mr Jones said lessons ran as normal on Thursday afternoon and praised the students for their co-operation.

He added: “As soon as the men trespassed on site, it was a crime and that’s why the police were called.”

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Sheffield North East neighbourhood police team said some parents collected their children from the school early and revealed the incident was a ‘diasgreement’ involving a pupil's relatives.

In a statement, the team said: “All parents of students based at Firth Park School should be in receipt of a text message from the school with regards a minor incident that occurred earlier this afternoon.

“The incident, which involved a disagreement with relatives of one of the school pupils, was quickly brought under control by staff and police officers following attendance at the school.

“Some parents have attended the school and collected their children which has been managed appropriately by school, however we wish to reiterate there is no need to attend school early and it is business as usual.”

In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said: “Despite initially refusing to leave, the intruders were spoken to by school staff and left around five minutes later.

“Officers attended to provide reassurance to pupils and assist staff in establishing the circumstances surrounding them attending. Initial enquiries confirm there is no wider risk or concerns around the incident.”