Cleethorpes dad killed himself with power saw

A FATHER-of-two took his own life with an electric saw after reading a biology book on how to inflict serious injuries, an inquest heard.

Glenn Harris. Picture:: Ross Parry Agency

Glenn Harris “organised and planned” his suicide, even obtaining a book on human biology before inflicting the injuries to his neck.

He was discovered by police at his home in Cleethorpes on February 10, lying beside an electric saw covered in blood after family members raised the alarm.

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The wound on Mr Harris’ neck measured 17 x 8cm and had gone back almost to the spinal column, a pathologist told the inquest.

Lying open on the arm of a chair near to the 55-year-old was “a manual opened at pages that show the cardio vascular system of the human body”.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Coroner Paul Kelly said: “The injuries inflicted from which he died needed to be organised and planned, even up to the point of obtaining a book on human biology in order to examine where if he was going to inflict serious injury it should be.”

The inquest heard that Mr Harris had been left unable to work after a recent diagnoses of Lupus and was depressed after the death of his sister.

In his statement, consultant pathologist Dr Wiliam Peters said the Mr Harris was found lying on the floor of his flat with his feet propped up.

“Around his neck there was extensive trauma possibly caused by the electric saw lying to his side,” he added.

Dr Peters said the wound “extends from just below the left ear under the chin line to 5cms from the right ear”.

He added that there was “extensive soft tissue injury to the neck” and some bone injury to the underside of the mandible.

The hearing, which included members of Mr Harris’ family, were told the saw, which was still plugged in, was covered in blood and there was blood on the walls.

“There was no suicide note but there were diagrams of the cardio vascular system open nearby on a chair.”

Dr Peters said in his statement that Mr Harris - who used to work for Findus but was now unable to work due to be diagnosed with lupus - had been recently depressed following the death of his sister in December, 2014.

The doctor gave the cause of death as neck injuries.

Gayle Harris, Mr Harris’ ex-wife, spoke at he brief hearing. They separated in 1997 but saw each other regularly and maintained a strong bond because of their two children.

She said they first met in 1981 and he was a great bloke who loved his football and pints with mates.

She described Mr Harris being diagnosed with lupus and never really returning to work after that.

Mrs Harris said: “He knew he wasn’t really well enough to work but he wanted to work.”

She told the inquest that his mood seemed slightly different in 2009, when he allowed rubbish to build up in her house while he was looking after it, while she was on holiday.

“At that time his sister wasn’t well and she died a couple of months later.

“A year later he lost his mum and then prior to his own death his sister died a couple of weeks previously, “ explained Mrs Harris.

Speaking about the extreme decision for Mr Harris to take his own life, Mrs Harris said: “I just cannot believe it, I don’t think anyone can believe it. I think its a little bit unique really.

“He was very loyal, very kind and very caring man. In 30 odd years I never heard him say a wrong word about anyone.”