Crashes, arrests and keys thrown over wall as police in Leeds and Bradford recover five stolen vehicles in one night shift

Police in Leeds and Bradford recovered five stolen vehicles last night, including one carrying a 14-year-old boy.

The teenager was one of a number of occupants who ran away from the car after it was tracked down by police in Leeds and crashed.

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Four units had been dispatched when an off-duty PC reported a suspicious vehicle being driven with no lights on.

The boy was detained and checks confirmed the car had been stolen in a burglary that night.

Seven units were dispatched in Leeds just after 3.50am when a report was received of another car being stolen in a burglary.

It had crashed and was found by firearms officers within six minutes of the original call.

A third stolen car was abandoned in Leeds when the occupants spotted a police unit and bailed out.

The occupants could not be traced despite extensive searches by a second unit, but it was confirmed that the car had been taken during a burglary yesterday.

Another suspect tried to take a more blase approach after failing to stop for police in Leeds and crashing a car stolen in a burglary earlier that day.

In a tweet, the West Yorkshire Command Hub said: "Suspect crashes vehicle and attempts to walk off, pretending they had nothing to do with the incident. All captured on CCTV. Even the suspect throwing vehicle keys over a wall! #Arrested."

Meanwhile, a car stolen in Bradford during the early hours of yesterday was spotted being driven around the city on false plates.

Police said the car was being recovered for forensic examination and the owner, who was away on holiday, had been contacted.

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