Criminal escaped from Leeds Crown Court dock 'to give his girlfriend a birthday kiss'

A desperate criminal injured a security officer and a policeman when he escaped from the dock of Leeds Crown Court 'so he could give his girlfriend a birthday kiss'.

Career criminal Hayden Musson caused chaos as he tried to flee the court building as he was about to be sentenced for burglary and driving offences.

A court dock officer suffered serious cuts to his hand when a glass partition shattered during the struggle.

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An ambulance had to be called to the building on Oxford Row as the officer was left "bleeding profusely".

Hayden Musson injured security officer and policeman as he escaped from dock at Leeds Crown Court.

The 23-year-old managed to get out of the courtroom but was chased through the building by a police officer who had been sitting outside waiting to give evidence in a different case.

The officer grabbed Musson but was hit in the head and kicked to the shoulder by the defendant during the struggle.

Musson was eventually detained when security staff came to assist.

Musson was jailed for six years over the incident on March 29 last year and a spate of other crimes.

Christopher Moran, prosecuting, said the escape offence took place the day after he had been remanded in custody.

He jumped from the dock five minutes after being brought into the courtroom as the judge reviewed the case.

After being arrested, Musson said he only wanted to give his girlfriend a kiss because it was his birthday and she had been crying in the public gallery.

Musson was also responsible for a burglary on Scott Hall Walk, Leeds, in August 2018 in which he targeted the home of an 81-year-old victim as she was hanging out her washing.

The defendant and another man ran into her home and stole her purse which contained a travel card, a bank card, £40 in cash and a pair of dentures.

The elderly victim chased after the pair but they managed to get away. Musson was arrested after being recognised from CCTV footage.

Musson was bailed but continued to offend.

He was arrested on December 20, 2018, after his fingerprints were found in a BMW worth £32,000 which had been stolen during a burglary at a house in Leeds.

The vehicle was found on the same day of the break-in in a cul-de-sac four miles away and had been fitted with false number plates.

A machete was found inside the vehicle wrapped in a plastic bag. Musson's fingerprints were also on the bag.

The defendant was arrested and claimed he was not involved in the burglary but had agreed to buy the car for £500.

He told police he thought it was "fishy" but said he had looked the car up on the internet and it did not appear to have been stolen.

Musson claimed he found the machete in the boot and placed it inside the vehicle.

Musson, who only had a provisional licence, led police on a 100mph chase through Leeds on January 14 last year.

A police helicopter became involved in the chase after he drove at around 100mph on York Road.

He stopped the car in the Gipton area and ran off before being caught by police and was found to be just over three times the limit for cannabis.

Musson, who appeared in court via video link from Leeds prison, pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody, burglary, handling stolen goods, possession of an offensive weapon, dangerous driving, driving without a licence, driving without insurance, driving over the prescribed limit and possession of cannabis.

Susannah Proctor, mitigating, said Musson was on remand through his partner's pregnancy, is ashamed of himself and wants to turn his life around to be there for her and his newborn daughter.

Judge Simon Phillips QC said the dock officer and police officer did their best to prevent Musson's escape and should be commended as they acted 'professionally and selflessly in a fearsome and difficult situation'.