Driver arrested for drug driving twice in just two days

A young lady was arrested twice in just two days for drug driving, police said.

North Yorkshire Police officers arrested the woman near Darlington on Thursday.

A stop check revealed she was driving under the influence of cocaine.

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Less than 48 hours later, police in Richmondshire arrested the same driver for the same offence.

The driver was arrested for the second time in as many days

She now faces 'a nervous wait' for the results of the test according to police.

Richmondshire police posted: "Another driver arrested having provided a positive test for cocaine over night in Richmondshire.

"A blood sample has now been taken and a nervous wait for the young lady.

"However she is already pending the result from another drug drive arrest a few days ago.

"Why do some people never learn?"

The post was shared by North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing, who said: 'When will people realise the dangers of drug driving?"