Driver has car seized after pulling into Yorkshire petrol station with ice and frost over windscreen

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A driver had their car seized after pulling into a petrol station in front of police officers with a windscreen covered in ice and frost.

The incident happened in Keighley in West Yorkshire and officers shared details of the unfortunate chain of events today.

The car which was seized. Photo: West Yorkshire Police

The car which was seized. Photo: West Yorkshire Police

Not only did the driver have a windscreen covered in frost, but they were then warned by police to clear the window before driving off.

Despite this, they didn't, and attempted to leave, still with no visibility through the windscreen.

The car, a black Nissan, also had no insurance.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "Note to self .. don’t pull into a petrol station next to a Police Officer with a frosted up car and no visibility.

"Also don’t then drive off without warming up the car despite the warning .. you will be stopped .. oh and make sure you have insurance!! #seized"

How to defrost your car - and how not to

Some methods of thawing car windows can actually damage your car, or even leave you vulnerable to crime.

Leaving your engine running

However inviting it may seem to go back inside where it's warm while you leave your air conditioning to thaw your windscreens, this is a big no-no.

West Yorkshire Police repeatedly warn motorists against leaving your keys in the ignition with the engine running.

Many car owners have had their vehicles stolen or items inside taken while they had their back turned.

Leaving your car open and your engine running means your insurance is invalid if this were to happen.

Boiling water

Pouring hot or boiling water straight from the kettle over your windscreen may seem like a quick and easy solution, but doing this can crack the glass and lead to a hefty repair bill.

Instead of boiling water, an easy and risk-free solution is to use de-icer spray, or to thaw the ice by dragging a plastic bag filled with warm water across the windows which will instantly melt it without causing damage.

Scraping the ice away with your windscreen wipers

This may also seem an easier option to doing it by hand, but stubborn ice could cause wiper blades to get stuck and snap.

Ice can also damage the rubber pads underneath your windscreen wipers, causing them to damage the glass.

Ineffective wiper blades may not seem like a major problem, but it may cause poor visibility and can land you a fine of £100 which rises to £1,000 if taken to court.

Motoring advice recommends changing your windscreen wipers once every 12 months when your car is serviced.