Everything we know about evil couple who tortured baby with 40 injuries before his tragic death

Roxanne Davis and her ex-partner Samuel Davies have been jailed for 10 years each after the death of Davis' 24-day-old son Stanley.

The baby boy who died of his injuries

Last week, Davis, 30, of Lee Road, Gosport, and Davies, 24, of St Peter’s Road, Basingstoke were found guilty of causing the death of newborn baby Stanley Davis.

Here’s everything we know about the sentencing.

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Stanley’s death

The pair have been jailed for a combined 20 years. Photo: PA

Stanley died of a fatal skull fracture and brain haemorrhage on March 28, after a prolonged stint of child abuse at Garland Court in Forton Road, in Gosport.

Det Chief Insp Fiona Bitters, the police officer who led the probe into the tragic death of 24-day-old Stanley Davis, spoke outside Winchester Court today.

In regards to the injuries baby Stanley endured, Det Chief Insp Fiona Bitters said: ‘The extent of his injuries at such a young age were truly shocking, no child should have to suffer in the way that he did.

‘Stanley was found to have sustained 32 fractures to his ribs, nine fractures to the bones in his arms and legs, and an 8cm skull fracture which was the fatal injury.

‘These fractures appear to have been sustained on three separate occasions. A difficult decision was taken by the medical team treating him at Southampton General Hospital that his life support machines would be turned off when he was just three weeks old due to the nature of his injuries. Sadly he later died.’

What sentence did Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies receive?

Causing or allowing the death of a child or a young adult is an offence under the Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004.

The maximum sentence for this offence is 14 years imprisonment and it can only be tried in the crown court.

Today Davis and Davies were each sentenced to 10 years in prison at Winchester Crown Court after being found guilty of causing or allowing Stanley’s death.

The judge told Davis and Davies, who had faced a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison for the crime, that they could be out in five years and put on licence.

Speaking after the verdict, Carl Anderson, of the CPS, said 'The CPS presented evidence to the court including CCTV, telephone logs and medical records from doctors and nurses who saw Stanley and medical experts who provided evidence in relation to his injuries.

‘During post-natal appointments and check-ups, Davis and Davies gave medical staff the impression there were no problems with Stanley and only reported difficulties in getting him to take his milk.

‘The reality was quite different. Both knew Stanley had already suffered serious injuries but neither said anything, leaving Stanley without the medical attention he desperately needed.'

Camera footage

Last week police released body-worn camera footage of officers attending the former home of Davis and Davies in Forton Road, Gosport, just days before Stanley was fatally wounded.

Police were called by a worried neighbour on the night of March 11, who heard screaming coming from the pair’s flat, in Garland Court.

The footage, which was previously presented to a jury at Winchester Crown Court, showed officers being confronted by a drugged-up Davies acting aggressively towards them, swearing at them.

Police asked about the safety of Roxanne and Stanley and he said they were both fine. Roxanne also backed up his story, claiming a friend was the cause of the row.

The court later heard that the couple would regularly clash heads in explosive exchanges, which would see items hurled across rooms and holes punched in walls.

‘Impact against something hard’

Prosecutors were unable to prove exactly how Stanley received his injuries.

However, pathologists told the court the fatal head injury could only have been caused by ‘serious blunt trauma’.

Dr Peter Richards, a consultant paediatric neurosurgeon, said: ‘It could all be explained by a forcible shake followed by an impact against something hard. 'I cannot exclude the possibility of being thrown across the room and against a wall.’

The NSPCC’s reaction

National children’s charity, NSPCC, has welcomed the 10-year jail sentences handed to Roxanne Davis and her ex-partner Samuel Davies.

In a statement after the sentencing, an NSPCC spokesperson said: ‘Davis and Davies should have loved, cared and protected baby Stanley.

‘Instead, they caused the death of this defenceless baby and it is right that they are now behind bars as a consequence of their actions.

‘Babies and young children are completely dependent on those who care for them and we all have a duty to look out for t