Hero lorry drivers blocked Yorkshire motorway to protect driver who collapsed at the wheel

The driver collapsed at the wheel. Photo: @WYP_TrafficDave
The driver collapsed at the wheel. Photo: @WYP_TrafficDave
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Police have heaped praise on two HGV drivers who used their lorries to protect a driver who collapsed at the wheel on the motorway.

A driver of a silver Kia got into difficulty on the M62 in West Yorkshire, collapsing at the wheel.

As a result, the car ended up sideways in the middle of the live lanes of the motorway near Bradford.

But two lorry drivers who were travelling towards the car saw the incident and used their huge lorries to block off the road and protect him.

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WYP Traffic Dave, an officer who uses Twitter to draw attention to incidents on the roads across the region, was full of praise for the heroic two lorry drivers - who remain anonymous.

He said: "A big thank you to the two unknown HGV drivers who used their lorries to block the #M62 #Bradford when a driver collapsed at the wheel, protecting him from other traffic"

What to do after an accident - according to the RAC

Stop the car as soon as you can - it's against the law to drive away, no matter how minor the collision or whose fault it was

Switch off the engine

Turn your hazard lights on - this is the button with two red triangles on your centre console

Check yourself and then your passengers for any injuries

Check that there are no injuries to anyone else involved in the incident and make a note of this even if everyone is okay

Dial 999 or an SOS phone to call an ambulance if anyone is injured or the police if the road is blocked, you believe drink or drugs are involved, or you suspect the collision was on purpose

Unless any injuries prevent it, remove all pets and passengers from the vehicle and make sure they're taken to a safe place

Exchange details with anyone involved - name, address, car registration number

Don't apologise or admit fault - this verbal statement could be used against you when making a compensation claim and ultimately invalidate your claim