Hoaxster cleared 
of terror 

A MAN jailed for leaving a hoax bomb on a bus has been cleared of committing a terrorist offence while he was on licence from prison.

Nicholas Roddis, 27, was alleged to have used public libraries to research how to make a real bomb after leaving jail.

Prosecutors claimed during the trial that he had made notes concerning the production of improvised explosives and about other plans connected with acts of terrorism.

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However, an Old Bailey jury found Roddis, of Maltby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, not guilty of engaging in acts for the preparation of terrorism.

Roddis, who had told the three week trial that he had been researching for an appeal against his original conviction, thanked the jury.

He was then led away to serve the rest of his sentence.

Roddis is due to be released on January 11 next year.

Judge Roger Chapple told him: “Your licence was revoked. How long you serve is not a matter for me but for others.”

Roddis was jailed in 2008 for the hoax and for preparing for terrorism.

Wearing a false beard and glasses, he left a hoax bomb on a bus in Rotherham.

Chemicals and instructions for bombs were found at his home in May 2007.

After his release in January 2011 he tried to get round a ban on using the internet, a condition of his parole, by accessing computers in local libraries, the court heard.