I was a virgin says schoolgirl ‘exploited’ by 14 Asian men in Keighley

A SCHOOLGIRL allegedly subjected to months of sexual exploitation by 14 Asian males in Keighley was a virgin the first time she was raped, a court heard.

Keighley town centre

The white British girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was aged 13 and 14 during the attacks, when she allegedly was raped and sexually abused repeatedly, Bradford Crown court was told.

Fourteen defendants - 13 men and a youth who cannot be named - are standing trial accused of 26 counts of rape and one count of sexual abuse against her.

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She was allegedly passed around the group of “nasty” men who “used” her, a jury was told on Tuesday, by a ringleader named Ahmed Al-Choudhury - who is not among the men standing trial.

Choudhury also allegedly hit the girl, bruising her face and breaking a rib.

Over the course of four filmed police interviews with the victim, the court heard that she had met Choudhury through somebody who had gone out with him, and not long after their initial meeting she began to run drugs for him on a daily basis.

The victim said in her interview that she thought she was 12 but was unclear of exact dates.

When asked on camera what sort of drugs she was dropping off, she replied: “It were everything, weed, steroids, ecstasy, heroin and cocaine.”

She was unclear about how long she did this for but described it initially as a fair few months. She told the interviewing officer that when she said we wouldn’t deal drugs for him, Choudhury raped her for the first time.

She said he was shouting at her when she wouldn’t do it and calling her “a little white b*****d” and “you little white slag”.

She then said when she tried to leave he pulled her back and raped her.

When asked what age she was at the time, the teenager replied: “I’m sure I was 12/13 when I met Arif.

She said: “He knew how old I was, he’d seen me in my school uniform.”

The court heard on Wednesday that the alleged rape by Choudhury took place on 4 May, 2011 and she said he was laughing after it while she sat on the ground crying.

Questioned by the officer, the girl said: “I were a virgin”.

During one sustained attack in a location, Keighley, the victim was raped by five men in succession, the court heard previously.

The court that by May 2012 the girl was the subject of a police protection order and by 1 June, 2012 she was in care.

Sufyan and Bilal Ziarab, who are brothers, are charged with two counts of rape each, Yasser Kabir is charged with three counts of rape and Hussain Sardar with two counts of rape. Rohail Hussain and Rohail Iqbal are each charged with one count of rape.

Tauqeer Hussain and Nasir Khan are each charged with three counts of rape. Saqib Younis, Israr Ali, Faisal Khan and Zain Ali are each charged with two counts of rape. The 17-year-old youth is charged with one count of rape.

Mohammed Akram is charged with sexual activity with a child under the age of 16.

All men are standing trial.

One other men faces a further count of rape against another underage girl in 2009.