Ilkley Moor fire: Photos capture huge blaze as firefighters tackle Moorland fire

Dramatic photos from the scene of the Ilkley Moor fire which took hold over the Easter weekend.

Ikley Fire

The fire started on Saturday which had been the hottest day of the year so far.

The fire spread rapidly across the hillside above Ilkley on Saturday afternoon

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Water drops were being used on Sunday to try and bring the fire under control
Emergency services are using a helicopter to drop water onto Ilkley Moor
Initially the blaze was two separate fires at different points on the Moor, the fire service said
Large quantities of water have been dumped on the blazing Moorland
The fire continued throughout the night. Pic by @Yorkshire_G
The fire took hold on what was the hottest day of 2019 so far
Around 70 firefighters were still working to tackle the blaze on Sunday morning
Smoke from the fire could be seen from miles around.
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have said at least 50 acres of Moorland has been burnt
There had been no evacuation from Ilkley, though those living closest to the fire were offered alternative accommodation on Saturday night