Ingram Road Holbeck chemical explosion: 'Three massive explosions shook house with my son inside' says Leeds mum

Three massive explosions shook a house after a chemical explosion in Leeds today, a resident at the scene said.

The scene on Ingram Road Holbeck following the explosion

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service are at the scene and the road has been cordoned off by West Yorkshire Police.

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The fire service says a blaze preceding the explosion may have been a cause.

Local resident Wendy Palmer, 58, said: "My son was in the house and the whole house was shaking, there were three massive explosions.

"We're all stuck now, we can't go in, we can't drive our cars away, we can't do anything.

"My major concern is with the foundations of my property and whether they're safe, because the first explosion was right outside my house."

How the scene looks following the explosion

The scene on Ingram Road Holbeck following the explosion

The police cordon is a substantial one and up to six man hole covers have been blown up along Ingram Road.

Around one of the covers there is significant damage to the roads surface, with tarmac laying across the road.

There is a strong chemical smell in the air, not dissimilar to that of paint, and workers at nearby businesses are being told to stay put for the time being.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that they saw a large fire and black smoke before the explosion, followed a short time later by emergency services coming up the street.

What West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service saud

A West Yorkshire Fire Service spokeswoman said: “Some chemicals had entered the waterway though the sewers, reacted and blown the manhole off. We don’t yet know how that happened and we’re trying to ascertain what the chemical is.“We’re working with Yorkshire Water as well."She said eight fire engines had initially been dispatched just before noon, but only four now remained at the scene.

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