Jealous Leeds woman attacked friend's home with hammer

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court
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A jealous Leeds woman used a hammer to smash windows at her friend's house after discovering her ex-boyfriend had been sleeping there, a court heard.

Ellie Oxley was drunk from the night before and dressed in her pyjamas when she arrived at the house in Armley in a taxi i at 9.30am on May 30 2018, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Oxley, 24, used a hammer to smash windows at the house after being told that the father of her two children had been sleeping on her friend's sofa.

Robert Galley, prosecuting, said Oxley removed a hammer from her pyjama sleeve and started smashing windows.

Mr Galley said: "She was shouting at the defendant 'homewrecker' and 'slag.'"

Mr Galley added: "The defendant was reaching in and cutting her hands as she was trying to climb in and shouting words such as 'when I get hold of you I'm going to kill you.'"

Oxley was bleeding when she returned to the taxi around 10 minutes later.

Oxley, of Ebor Place, Hyde Park, Leeds, surrendered herself to police a week later.

Mr Galley said Oxley's friend had seen her a few days before the incident and told her that her ex partner had been staying at her home for a few days and had been sleeping on the sofa.

Oxley admitted possession of an offensive weapon, affray and criminal damage.

Oxley has four previous convictions for seven offences including possession of an offensive weapon and common assault.

Rukhshanda Hussain, mitigating, said Oxley had been in a turbulent relationship with her ex partner and that the relationship had ended before the offences were committed.

Miss Hussain said Oxley, who suffers from post-natal depression, believed her ex partner was still at the house when she made the impulsive decision to go, adding: "She acted out of jealousy and she is full of remorse for that."

Miss Hussain said Oxley had been a full-time carer for her mother, who was diagnsoed with cancer in October 2018 and who died last month.

Judge Simon Phillips handed Oxley a ten month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Judge Phillips ordered her to complete a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement and 100 hours of unpaid work.

She was also made the subject of a five-year restraining order and ordered to pay her victim £400 compensation.

Judge Phillips told Oxley: "You, in temper and in jealousy, considered the information that you received that your former partner had been staying at the address indicated to you that there had been a relationship and that was the subject of your animosity directed towards her."