Jury hears of Leeds gang members doorstep 'execution' as Christopher Lewis murder trial re-starts

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court
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A Leeds gang member was murdered in a doorstep shooting during in revenge attack planned by his rivals, jurors heard for a second time.

Christopher Lewis, 24, died after being shot in the head outside his family home on Reginald Street, Chapeltown, on August 1 last year.
The same jury panel heard last week how Mr Lewis was a member of a gang known as The Flock and had been killed as part of a revenge attack.

Crime scene after fatal shooting of Christopher Lewis in Reginald Street, Chapeltown

Crime scene after fatal shooting of Christopher Lewis in Reginald Street, Chapeltown

Steven Grey, 38, Jonathan Gledhlll, 38, and Denzil Brown (Senior), 49, are accused of murder.

Three others - Denzil Browne (Junior), 23, Lewis Pearce, 27, and Owen Clarke, 26 - are accused of assisting an offender.

The jury was discharged last Friday - four days into a trial - and the case was re-started at Leeds Crown Court today.
Opening the case, prosecutor Nicholas De La Poer said: "Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution is under no illusion that you 12 sat patiently and attentively through nearly a day and a half of this case being opened to you, only last week.

"You listened to the Crown's case being outlined over a number of hours, in stifling temperatures, and you were, we believe, appropriately prepared at the end of it for the evidence that was come.

"You had, as at last Wednesday, a grasp of the main theme, times and locations, at the very least, if not some of the finer detail."

The prosecutor continued: "We believe that you will not thank us for repeating ourselves in the detail of last week.

"In fact, we suspect that if we were to do so you might feel that your intelligence was being insulted."

Mr De La Poer laid out the prosecution case in a shortened form.

The court also heard again from police officer Edward Crompton who gave evidence about drug and gun crime in the Chapeltown area.

He also identified Flock members who are serving prison sentences.
The trial is expected to last five weeks and will continue tomorrow.