Killer tortured victim then sat beside him and ate Pot Noodle as he lay dying

A murderer sat beside his victim and ate a Pot Noodle as he lay unconscious and dying after being tortured.

Nathan Redmond ate the snack beside housemate Jonathan Dews after helping his friends inflict horrendous injuries to his head and body

A judge sentenced Redmond to a life sentence with a minimum of 27 years in prison after hearing how Mr Dews, 42, suffered 90 separate injuries.

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'No remorse': Nathan Redmond ate Pot Noodle as victim Jonathan Dews lay dying after being tortured at house in Wakefield.

Two others, Jordan Metcalfe and Scott Ctruchley, were also given life sentences after being found guilty of murder.Mr Justice Jay said Redmond's behaviour on the night was an indication of him showing no remorse for carrying out the brutal killing.

The judge told the 21-year-old: "This was brutal, vicious, explosive and mindless violence.

"You, Nathan Redmond, described Jonathan Dews’ bedroom without overstatement as a massacre scene.

"You also agreed that an external observer would say that Jonathan Dews was being tortured. "

'Willing participant': Jordan Metcalfe came up with the idea to kill Jonathan Dews.

The judge continued: "An insight into your state of mind may be derived from the fact that you were eating a pot noodle at the top of the stairs when the others returned, sitting next to the unconscious and grievously injured Jonathan Dews.

"In my opinion, you have shown no remorse throughout this trial, although when cross-examined you did begin to understand the certain outcome as far as you were concerned."

The judge said he was satisfied that 24-year-old Metcalfe - who was also given a 27-year minimum term - came up with the idea of killing Mr Dews at the house in Brighton Street, Wakefield, on September 6 last year.

He said: "You have a bad record for crimes of violence although for nothing remotely as serious as the offence with which I am concerned.

'Weak personality': Scott Crutchley was given a life sentence with a minimum of 21 years.

"You have not given evidence, which was your right.

"This makes it harder for me to assess your character, temperament and personality; but I have been observing you carefully throughout this trial and what you did speaks for itself.

"You may not have initiated these assaults, but once they started you were an entirely willing participant.

"I can see that you are a strong-willed individual who does as he pleases."

Crutchley, 24, was given a 21-year minimum term.

The judge told him: "What you did that night was wholly out of character.

"My assessment of you is that you are a somewhat weak personality who is easily led.

"I am not sure that you were directly involved in the violence inflicted on Jonathan Dews after he was dragged out of the bedroom.

"However, and as I have said, you availed the others in the knowledge and with the intention that they would kill Jonathan Dews."