Leeds man fatally stabbed by former friend asked him 'why did you do that?', murder trial jury told

St John Lewis
St John Lewis
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A MAN  stabbed through the heart by a former friend during a fight  on a Leeds street asked his attacker "why did you do that?" a murder trial jury heard.

Dean Dagless stabbed St John Lewis, 47, during a fight outside his victim's home on Broadlea Terrace in Bramley on Tuesday February 26, a Leeds Crown Court jury has heard.

St John Lewis

St John Lewis

Witness John Barrow - who told the jury he was a very good friend of Mr Lewis - had just visited his brother on Broadlea Terrace and was stood on the opposite side of the road around two houses away from where Dagless and Mr Lewis were fighting on the pavement.

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Mr Barrow said Dagless looked "angry and violent" and Mr Lewis - who was known as Singe - looked "Shocked."

Mr Barrow said he saw Dagless pull something from his right hand side and lunge at Mr Lewis's chest.

Mr Barrow said Mr Lewis stumbled and said to Dagless: "Why did you do that ?"

The jury was told Dagless then lunged at Mr Lewis for a second time and struck his neck.

Mr Barrow said Dagless walked away but returned later as Mr Lewis was lying fatally injured in the road.

Mr Barrow said: "He (Dagless) said if he doesn't die I will make sure he dies next time."

The jury was told Dagless retrieved a bag that was near Mr Lewis's feet before walking away.

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Mr Barrow said: "He didn't care. He didn't look like he had any remorse at all."

Prosecutors say Dagless, also of Broadlea Terrace, had become "agitated and angry" about a Facebook Messenger text message Mr Lewis - known as Singe - had sent to Dagless, accusing him of committing a serious criminal offence.

Prosecutor, Kitty Colley said Dagless left his house with a knife and was "angry and looking for confrontation" before the stabbing.

Ms Colley said: "He (Dagless) started a fight and stabbed him to the left side of his chest with such force that his heart was penetrated."

Miss Colley said Mr Lewis was left dying through blood loss on the street while Dagless returned home, sought to conceal the murder weapon and changed his clothes.

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Miss Colley said: "It is anticipated that the defendant will say that he either acted in self defence and that Singe was the aggressor, or both."

Dagless denies murder and possessing an offensive weapon.