Leeds 'phone jacker' who made hundreds of nuisance 999 calls is jailed

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court
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A NUISANCE caller  from Leeds who called himself the ‘phone jacker' and made hundreds of  999 phone calls to police and the ambulance service has  been jailed for 16 months.

Christopher Bailey verbally abused 999 operators and called one a “dim wit," Leeds Crown Court heard.

Bailey, 52, made one emergency call claiming he was on top of Pudsey Police station with a gun.

Bailey, of Cross Bath Road, Bramley, also left abusive and menacing messages on a female police officer’s voicemail and made a threatening and abusive calls to a mental health unit and a GP surgery.

Prosecutor, Michael Greenhalgh, said that over a three-week period last September, Bailey made 89 calls on 999 and 49 calls on 111 to Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

During 124 of those calls, Bailey either refused or did not require treatment.

The court heard Bailey dialled 999 on 32 occasions in just under nine hours on one day in September 2018.

Mr Greenhalgh said Bailey's time wasting calls cost the NHS more than £5,000 in wasted resources and could have led to extended response times for genuine emergencies.

Mr Greenhalgh said: "On a number of calls he referred to himself as the ‘phone jacker’.

"On one occasion he threatened to re-arrange the call taker's skull, on others called the 999 operator a “dim wit and idiot."

Mr Greenhalgh said in September 2018 Bailey called police on 999 a total of 279 times.

Mr Greenhalgh said: "The defendant made numerous threats to kill police and on one call stated he was on the roof of Pudsey Police Station with a gun.

"The volume of calls from the defendant stops operators answering genuine emergency 999 calls and reduces the ability to perform at a level expected by the public."

Mr Greenhalgh said that last June and July, Bailey made more than 20 calls to a female police officer's mobile number and left voicemails of an "offensive and menacing nature."

The court heard last August and September, Bailey made a number of abusive and threatening calls to mental health unit The Newsome Centre at Seacroft Hospital.

In September 2018, Bailey made an aggressive and threatening phone call to Manor Park Surgery in Bramley.

Bailey then went to the surgery and was shouting and swearing and threatened to attack a member of the public.

Bailey admitted four offences under the Malicious Communications Act and one offence under the Public Order Offence Act in connection with the September 2018 incident at Manor Park Surgery.

Jailing Bailey for 16 months, Judge Tom Bayliss said: "You called police 279 times, you were abusive if your demands were not met. You were an incorrigible maker of malicious telephone calls."