Life sentence for ex-policeman who murdered pregnant girlfriend and attacked two children

A JEALOUS former police officer who murdered his pregnant girlfriend and attacked two young children has been jailed for life.

Jonathan Sutton and Emma Siswick. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
Jonathan Sutton and Emma Siswick. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Jonathan Sutton, 40, killed Emma Siswick in their home in Huddersfield after flying into a rage when he saw a text message on her phone.

He proceeded to smash a glass repeatedly in her face before attacking her with a kitchen knife. When the teaching assistant was found by police she had suffered a phenomenal 81 stab and incisive wounds.

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Sutton, who spent 18-months as a probationary policeman in the past but worked as a painter and decorator at the time of the attack, also stabbed an eleven-year-old boy and a nine-year-old boy who were in the house at the time.

Leeds Crown Court heard both boys were stabbed numerous times by the defendant.

Sutton, who was described as having a “posessive and controlling nature” was told he will serve a minimum of 28 years in prison before being released.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to one charge of murder and two charges of wounding with intent to cuase grevious bodily harm.

Bryan Cox QC, prosecuting, said: “The defendant’s previous partners spoke of his jealous nature.”

Adding that one of Sutton’s ex’s said he was “paranoid and controlling” and described his “excessive drinking”.

Sutton and Miss Siswick had been together for about three years but, the court heard, the relationship had been strained.

In the hours before the attack he had consumed seven or eight beers, some wine, amphetamine and M-Cat.

The court heard that Sutton attacked Miss Siswick, 37, first, leaving her bleeding profusely in the basement kitchen of the home they shared, before stabbing the two boys in two different parts of the house.

Miss Siswick called for help and the older boy heard her cries. It was then Sutton turned his atention to him.

In interviews, the older boy said he saw Sutton coming up the stairs. Mr Cox said: “The defendant was covered in blood and holding a knife. He stabbed him numerous times”.

According to the boy’s evidence Sutton then saw the younger boy and proceeded to stab and cut him.

It was the elder of the two who finally raised help. Whilst bleeding profusely from knife wounds all over his body he managed to attract the attention of a neighbour who called the police.

“He was bleeding heavily and begged them to take him to hospital, “ said Mr Cox.

He added that the children “who witnessed the events inside the house are accutely traumatised by what they saw”.

When police entered the house the found Miss Siswick without a pulse, she was pronounced dead in hospital.

A blood-stained Sutton was found in the kitchen, as he had tried to cut his throat with a breadknife, and needed to be tasered to get the handcuffs on him.

Mr Cox told the court that Sutton and Mis Siswick had been to the pub prior to her murder and then had some drinks at a neighbours house.

He went home earlier to take more M-Cat and it was then he looked at Miss Siswick’s phone and found the harmless messsge arranging for her to meet someone.

The judge, Mr Justice Edis told Sutton he had caused “irreperable harm” to the boys who carry not just physical, but mental scars from their ordeal.

Jamie Hill QC, mitigating, said Sutton accepted his actions towards Miss Siswick and the two boys was “entirley unforgivable” and “nothing he can say or I can say will ever change that”.